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(Mar 17, 2016)
No raid tonight - but we're planning on having alt runs starting next week. If your alts are NOT going to be ready by next week let me know ASAP
(Mar 07, 2016)
Anything raids related, metabattle is pretty spot on for builds and you can make adjustments here and there
(Mar 06, 2016)
Nevermind, I think I've got it figured out. I was trying to come up with something more viable for my guardian for both raids and PvE roaming.
(Mar 05, 2016)
What's up, Mat? Feel free to PM me.
(Mar 05, 2016)
@Apollo, Soth, and/or Theodria: I'd like to talk you guys about some things in the next couple of days. If you could make yourself available at some point, I would appreciate it. It's nothing too major, just trying to figure some things out. Thanks!
(Mar 01, 2016)
Tom<Noomo>, fieryfury, sword and gene, please relog within the next 2 days. Thank you.
(Feb 25, 2016)
(Feb 25, 2016)
Sword, use the inactivity notice forum under the FORUMS toolbar. This is sufficient for tonight but please use the appropriate forum next time.
(Feb 24, 2016)
sword will be approx. 30 mins late on 2/25/16
(Feb 19, 2016)
Shteef, please relog within the next 2 days. Thanks you.
(Feb 15, 2016)
Brutus Von Ursus, please relog within the next 2 days. Thank you.
(Feb 11, 2016)
Jarred, please relog within the next 2 days. Thank you.
(Feb 11, 2016)
I misread that, at first, as we got DDOS'd.
(Feb 10, 2016)
Sorry about the downtime, everyone. Shivtr was being DDOS'd
(Feb 06, 2016)
Happy Belated Apollo! If you're reading this right now, then you failed your birthday mission :P
(Feb 05, 2016)
Im gonna get drunk as fuck tonight. Drunk as Fuck.
(Feb 05, 2016)
Happy birthday, Apollo!
(Feb 04, 2016)
We are switching to Discord for voice. More info to follow soon.
(Feb 04, 2016)
Happy Birthday Matt!
(Jan 31, 2016)
Yes, TS had a major issue in the middle of the WoW raid night. It booted 3 guys, and wouldn't let them back in. The new info should be posted in the guild info for each game now.