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(May 26, 2016)
Tell us about the job, Matt. Also why no PC?
(May 25, 2016)
might not be on as much my new job is fucking awesome and i dont have my pc here
(May 23, 2016)
I welcome you to the land of beavers and maple syrup.
(May 23, 2016)
im in canadia, I'll try to be on gw2 as soon as they fix my authenticator issue
(May 22, 2016)
I've been well and yourself?
(May 21, 2016)
How's everyone been? Long time no see.
(Apr 30, 2016)
(Apr 29, 2016)
Glad to hear it, Joe. Speaking of jobs, I just scored an interview today. =D
(Apr 29, 2016)
loving this new job
(Apr 27, 2016)
Thanks guys!
(Apr 26, 2016)
Ooooh Happy Birthday Matt!
(Apr 25, 2016)
Happy birthdy Matt!
(Apr 25, 2016)
Happy birthday, Matt.
(Apr 20, 2016)
Raids are cancelled this week as well - too many absences. Please check the poll in the WoW section guys. We need your input.
(Apr 13, 2016)
Raids this week are cancelled. Check the cancellation forum notice.
(Apr 11, 2016)
I have been in a WarFrame mood lately. The grind is calling me from the abyss
(Apr 08, 2016)
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri=Attack on Titan zombie edition by the same creators.
(Mar 29, 2016)
Oh Canada.....
(Mar 28, 2016)
Home, sweet home.
(Mar 28, 2016)
I probably wont be on anything until I'm moved back home so hopefully by friday