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Back in the saddle!

Im Teh Pwnzor / Jun 18, 2016
Hey everyone! Just a quick news update.

With things ramping up in Guild Wars 2 and other games, I just wanted to post a quick message here to give a few updates and let everyone know what's going on with the guild. I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

Right now we have:
  • Recruitment starting back up for Guild Wars 2.
  • Recruitment for WoW will be starting some time next month in anticipation for Legion raiding.
  • Guild Wars 2 daily guild activities and dungeons are back up - the more we can get to participate and be active on Discord the better.
  • Guild Wars 2 raid schedule is being discussed and will be posted in a GW2 thread as soon as it's ready.
  • We've started a Team League team for Heroes of the Storm and still have 1 spot remaining to be filled.
  • The WoW TCG group on Tabletop Simulator is more active than ever with plenty of new players every month and raids / dungeons / tournaments / learning nights are all being planned and are a lot of fun!
  • Officer positions are open for both Guild Wars 2 and WoW. If you're interested in playing a larger role within the guild, please let me know and we'll see if you have what we're looking for!

For now the big things are getting more people to participate in the community. More people on Discord, more people participating in guild events, missions, dungeons, raids, etc. This starts, I believe, with the current officers shifting a focus back into a routine of recruitment and participation encouragement as well as new officers joining the team.

That's all for now. Feel free to discuss or ask any questions in the comments, and if I missed anything news worthy let me know as well and I will add it here.

Thanks! See you guys on Discord!


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