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Flight/ Sword absence from 10/12/2016

I was recently told (10 minutes ago) that I have a mandatory biology lab that i must attend tonight from 7-9:30 EST because its 20% of my grade, I'm really sorry y'all ill be on tomorrow night.
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sword1482Member avatar small sword 5y
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Raid 10/6

We have a football game (Last one of the season) I could be late. I'll def. be on before raid ends, but I might not be on time.
Small Ryan 5y
Ryan31224Small Lostlimbs 5y
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October 19 2016

Will be late to this day's raid. Probably won't be on until sometime between 8 and 9.
Small Sebiale 5y
Sebiale1527Small Sebiale 5y
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12&13/10 Raid

Will be out of town for that whole week so I won't be able to attend raid.
Small Lostlimbs 5y
Lostlimbs1547Small Lostlimbs 5y
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9/29's raid

I'll be out of town and, as I don't have a raid-worthy laptop, I won't be able to make the raid.
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xeno1594Member avatar small xeno 5y
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Will be gone April 17-23

Wont be home for that week so I wont be able to attend raid.
Small Lostlimbs 6y
Lostlimbs21115Small Im Teh Pwnzor 6y
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Sword will be absent

Sword will be absent from alt runs on 4/13 and 4/14 recently got a second job as a server and have training this week
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sword21001Small Im Teh Pwnzor 6y
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Easter Break

Hi, just letting you all know that I'm almost definitely not going to have access to the Internet from the 25th until the 28th.
Small Hecilus 6y
Hecilus21018Small Hecilus 6y
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April 13th

I will be late for the April 13 raid, if I make it at all.
Small Sebiale 6y
Sebiale0656Small Sebiale 6y
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This week

Hey guys I probably won't be able to get on this week cuz it's finals week and i got em all in the afternoon Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. if I can get on I will but I don't think ill be able to. Btw G├źne's going to be late
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gene0675Member avatar small gene 6y
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May or may not show up on wednesday
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fieryfury2927Small Im Teh Pwnzor 6y
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Sick and spring break

So matt my gf is still sick and I got sick and have been puking this morning so I don't think I'll be able to raid tonight.Also the week of the 22nd I'll be in Vegas for spring break and Won't be able to raid both days
Member avatar small gene 6y
gene41475Small Hecilus 6y
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On a trip from 3/11-3/18

I will be gone to Florida from March 11 to March 18 and will not have access to my computer.
Small Sebiale 6y
Sebiale51710Small Ryan 6y
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Gone From February 21-27

Will be out of town for the entire week and will not have access to my computer so I cannot attend raid.
Small Lostlimbs 6y
Lostlimbs31127Small Im Teh Pwnzor 6y
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Still gone for the holidays.

I will still be absent from December 25th until the 28th, and then gone from the 31st until January 12th.
Small Hecilus 6y
Hecilus21145Small Hecilus 6y