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Gone From February 21-27

Will be out of town for the entire week and will not have access to my computer so I cannot attend raid.
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World of Warcraft

ICNH Downs (H) Archimonde!

On Thursday, January 14th, ICNH defeated Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel (H)! Pictures to come soon!(As soon as anyone who took pictures uploads them ;)
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General Discussion

Gamer IDs

This is pretty straightfoward, just post all of the gamer IDs you want to share. Please simply edit your post to add new IDs instead of additional posts.Here are mine:Blizzard B.Net Tag: Helcraft#1953Guild Wars 2: Hecilus (my main)League of Legend...
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Guild Wars 2

Vale Guardian this weekend

Just going to leave this here
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Other Games

Diablo 3

LFGs, Builds, Guides and whatever involves Diablo 3
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Inactivity Notice

Still gone for the holidays.

I will still be absent from December 25th until the 28th, and then gone from the 31st until January 12th.
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General Discussion

Dank Thread

For dank memes, videos, etc. Some people like them, others don't, so keep it all in here.
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Other Games

ArcheAge Screenshots

Feel free to share your AA screenshots here. Whether it's to show off your cool new armor, a raid boss take down or even funny moments: everything goes!Here's a bunch from back in the day:
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Help and FAQ

A Friendly Reminder for Website Users

Many people may ask what the purpose of having a website is in our guild. It's very useful to everyone involved, but in order for it to be useful to you, you have to be involved.The website is a place where everyone in the community can connect. I...
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