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World of Warcraft

Legion Artifact Weapon

Many of you (if you haven't done any research) will be a bit confused by the artifact leveling process. Yes you can level up your alt spec artifact weapons, but for RAIDING you'll really want to focus on one weapon.You'll be getting items from nea...
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World of Warcraft


Ok well it hasn't really returned yet, but they are on their way(Kil'jaeden has a small bladder, and they had to keep making pit-stops along the way). The 19th, aka TUESDAY, is the assumed launch date of the pre patch. The actual invasion events a...
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World of Warcraft

Legion Character Preference

Hey guys - with Legion (sort of) around the corner, we made this thread to gauge interest in classes people are going to want to play as their mains at the start of legion. What that means is that the character you vote for here will be who you s...
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Introduce Yourself

Serbia play welcome

hello to be
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Official Guides

GW2 Daily Checklist

Whether new or returning, a lot of people don't seem to know what you can only do once a day. So here's a checklist I try to go through every day.1) Tequatl: a world boss that spawns in Sparkfly Fen (with a chance to drop an ascended weapon box am...
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General Discussion

So I recently have moved to Canada from the US

Canada so far:Every morning I lace up my ice skates, pick up the twig and head down the road for a brisk game of hockey with the boys. It gets pretty cold sometimes (about -11 degrees Celsius) but a solid match warms you right up. After that, I pa...
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Other Games

Heroes of the Storm Team League interest thread

We're here to gauge interest in who would want to be part of a Team League team in HOTS? Right now we have 2 people 100% interested and potentially a 3rd. We need 5 total so this thread is give the guild members first pick at these spots before ...
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World of Warcraft

The wait for Legion and our Raid Group

Hey there guys - quick poll time to see who wants to do what now that Legion's release date has been announced. Please vote using the options below and feel free to give a quick explanation if you want in the comments.Thanks.(P.S. Do not make you...
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Inactivity Notice

Will be gone April 17-23

Wont be home for that week so I wont be able to attend raid.
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Inactivity Notice

Sword will be absent

Sword will be absent from alt runs on 4/13 and 4/14 recently got a second job as a server and have training this week
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World of Warcraft

ICNH WoW Raid Group - Plans until Legion

This is a recap of the talk we had tonight in Discord after our raid. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or remind me to add something if I forgot or left something out.Going forward until further notice or when a time comes that we have...
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Easter Break

Hi, just letting you all know that I'm almost definitely not going to have access to the Internet from the 25th until the 28th.
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April 13th

I will be late for the April 13 raid, if I make it at all.
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This week

Hey guys I probably won't be able to get on this week cuz it's finals week and i got em all in the afternoon Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. if I can get on I will but I don't think ill be able to. Btw G├źne's going to be late
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May or may not show up on wednesday
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Sick and spring break

So matt my gf is still sick and I got sick and have been puking this morning so I don't think I'll be able to raid tonight.Also the week of the 22nd I'll be in Vegas for spring break and Won't be able to raid both days
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Recruitment / Applications

[Denied] Descend | 720 Enhancement \ Restoration Shaman |

Character Name & BattletagName: Descend, Smited(Priest), Augence(Hunter), Malfy(Warlock), Starzfall(Druid), Sinful(Mage)Class: ShamanPrimary Spec: Enhancement and RestorationLink to your Armory page (make sure you log out in the gear you want ...
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Recruitment / Applications

[Denied] Huntswithbow

Application FormCharacter Name & BattletagCharacter Name: HuntswithbowBtag: Steven47421ClassHunterPrimary SpecMarksmanshipLink to your Armory page (make sure you log out in the gear you want us to evaluate you on)
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Inactivity Notice

On a trip from 3/11-3/18

I will be gone to Florida from March 11 to March 18 and will not have access to my computer.
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General Discussion

Black Desert Online - Interest / Discussion

Black Desert Online is an up-and-coming MMO set to release in a week or so. I know this thread is kind of late, but I just wanted to see if anyone else was interested in this game.It's a buy to play game similar to Guild Wars 2 meaning that once ...
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