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Raiding 10-27-16

I can't make it Thursday night, I've got to make up my class from the week before. Wardsplox.
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Recruitment / Applications

Quitebaked (Affliction Warlock) - Application

Hey guys. You can call me Steve or Quitebaked. I have extensive raiding experience leading back to Burning Crusade. I had some down-time though in my world of warcraft life. I missed most of Mists, and most of WoD. I recently graduated University ...
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October 25th Normal Run

May or may not be here for the normal run on Tuesday won't know till later. Will update when I know for certain
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Lostlimbs1706Small Lostlimbs 5y
Recruitment / Applications

Illidanielle- Havoc Demon Hunter Raider application

Application FormCharacter Name & Battletag: Illidanielle, Deluxe34#1521Class: Demon HunterPrimary Spec: HavocLink to your Armory page (make sure you log out in the gear you want us to evaluate you on):
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WoW raiding 10/20/16

I can't make it on Thursday the 20th. I have a college class I can't miss that day. Wardsplox/Gabriel
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Introduce Yourself

Illidanielle- Havoc Demon Hunter

In Game Name: IllidanielleWhat You would like to be called: Dan, DannyGames you play: WoW, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Mortal Kombat, CoD (if im absolutely bored and have nothing better to do)Friends you already know: Notprotspec.Hobbies: Play...
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Nov 2

I'll be absent for Nov 2's raid. I'll be in somewhere in the air between home and D.C.
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10/19 Possibly Late

I should be on time but there is a chance Ill be late
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Flight/ Sword absence from 10/12/2016

I was recently told (10 minutes ago) that I have a mandatory biology lab that i must attend tonight from 7-9:30 EST because its 20% of my grade, I'm really sorry y'all ill be on tomorrow night.
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Raid 10/6

We have a football game (Last one of the season) I could be late. I'll def. be on before raid ends, but I might not be on time.
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October 19 2016

Will be late to this day's raid. Probably won't be on until sometime between 8 and 9.
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Sebiale1528Small Sebiale 5y
Official Guides

Heart of Thorns Story Speedrun

Disclaimer: This is a speedrun guide for the Heart of Thorns story and should not be used if you're interested in the actual story as the guide will skip a lot of dialog and contains spoilers.Chapter 1: Prologue: Rally to MaguumaNothing to complic...
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12&13/10 Raid

Will be out of town for that whole week so I won't be able to attend raid.
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World of Warcraft

Legion Class Stat
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World of Warcraft

9/28 EN Raid Logs
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9/29's raid

I'll be out of town and, as I don't have a raid-worthy laptop, I won't be able to make the raid.
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World of Warcraft

Xavius Down!

AWWWWWW YIS!Extended discussion for our first week going 7/7 will be here. Keep in mind we have a bit of work to do and plan on starting heroics on Week 3 at the latest! Congrats and thanks again!
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World of Warcraft

Summary for preparing for the Emerald Nightmare

This is the short version: is the long version:
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World of Warcraft

Legion Character Selection

Hey guys I already know there is a thread similar to this, I just wanted to make this post to get a final say on what people wanted to play for Legion. With our other post a lot of people gave multiple options for what they'd like to play which ma...
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Recruitment / Applications

Applying for Legion raiding.

Application FormCharacter Name & BattletagWardsplox #1232ClassShamanPrimary SpecenhancementLink to your Armory page (make sure you log out in the gear you want us to evaluate you on)
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