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#12727922 Sep 21, 2016 at 10:53 PM · Edited over 5 years ago
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Hey guys and gals. As we mentioned tonight, we are looking to start a guild initiative for a single guild crafter for each crafting profession that the gatherers can funnel materials to. In the past we've always prided ourselves with servicing our raiders with free food, enchants, flasks gems and more - and we want to continue that in Legion.

Crafting materials this time around seem to be much harder to come by - and are a lot more expensive as well. Due to this, we'd ask all gatherers to funnel materials to the single crafters below or deposit the items to the guild bank so that we can direct them to the designated crafters.

In doing this and working together, we can ensure that flasks, food, gems and enchants will always remain free and available to all raiders as needed.

Slots are not yet filled - we will determine these by the end of tomorrow's raid night.

Alchemiy - Randeroo
Enchanting - Idiedystrday
Engineering - Tanoy
Inscription - Ceviche
Jewelcrafting - Denso
Cooking - Notprotspec

We would like to set up goals in order to allow people to still turn profit on their professions. These goals will be set after a discussion between officers takes place and will determine the amount of weekly flasks, gems, ores, disenchantable items or enchanting materials would be needed before comfortably allowing people to go and use their professions for profit or personal / alt gain rather than guild needs for that week.

This system is still being developed and is a work in progress so plan for and expect changes to be made. The bottom line here is that with we expect to be doing heroics no later than week 3 and with that we'll absolutely need everyone gemmed, enchanted, and fed for each and every encounter going forward and it's going to take a guild effort for that to happen

Feel free to post any questions or comments below.

Thank you.
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#12736603 Sep 25, 2016 at 12:25 PM
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In order for us to meet and keep our goal of a stocked gbank, I'd like to set up a list here to see how each raider is contributing. Think of it as a receipt for your donation and as proof that you're not a free-loader :)

Please reply below following this example:

"Raiders Name" is Herbalist and funnels some mats to "Randeroo" for Alchemy.


"Raiders Name" isn't a gatherer, but donated 'X' gold to gbank for repairs.

We love being able to supply everyone with free flasks, feasts, gems, enchants, glyphs, repair, etc. but with mats being as scarce as they are at the moment, please don't be a free-loader and just donate something.
We are NOT trying to be communist and take your goods from you. By all means make yourself some gold with your crafting (why else would you become a crafter?), but remember how much gold your guild is saving you, and consider donating a part of it.

Herbs send to Randeroo(alch) and Ceviche(scribe)
BoE items to Idiedystrday (Enchants((he's also a tailor)
Ore to Denso(JC) and Tanoy(Engineer)
Meat/Fish to Notprotspec(Chef)
or just put it in the gbank in the correct tab!
#12736909 Sep 25, 2016 at 03:11 PM
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I've been sending Chris some greens to DE for enchanting mats. Once i start an alt I will start funneling more herbs / ores.
I used to have such an edgy signature.
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