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Whether new or returning, a lot of people don't seem to know what you can only do once a day. So here's a checklist I try to go through every day.

1) Tequatl: a world boss that spawns in Sparkfly Fen (with a chance to drop an ascended weapon box among other neat drops). I usually fight him right after daily reset which occurs at 00:00 UTC, because that's when you're most likely to succeed (not that I see many maps fail).

2) Fractals of the Mist: you get daily "missions" for these; where the higher the tier completed, the better the rewards. Note that higher tiers are harder and demand more agony resistance.

3) Gathering: There are gathering nodes in home instances that have unlocked them (either through purchases or achievements). If your home instance is lacking, I often offer to share mine in guild chat right after Tequatl (it's not fully decked out, but I'm at about 85%). There's also guild hall gathering, which is free and equal to everyone. Lots of resources to be gathered between the two.

4) Crafting: Once your crafting profession(s) are 450+, you can start crafting ascended materials once per day. These materials are Lumps of Mithrilium, Spools of Thick Elonian Cord, Spools of Silk Weaving Thread and Globs of Elder Spirit Residue. That said, I wouldn't go out of my way to farm the materials to craft these or buy them, but if you can craft them, you should do so to avoid the exorbitant cost of buying them.

5) Dailies: Every day, you get a handful of missions to choose from. I recommend getting the Daily Completionist achievement daily for some achievement points and gold.

The next 3 are exclusive to Heart of Thorns players, but are very much worth doing daily.

6) Pact: Once you have the necessary Central Tyria Mastery unlocked, you can visit 6 vendors every day to pick up a Pact Scout's Mapping Materials from each in exchange for karma. These will allow you to instantly collect a map bonus reward based on which zone you're in and which week it is. The current ideal time and place to spend these is during week 2 in Frostgorge Sound.

7) Bloodstone Fen Dailies: These don't change at the moment, so your priority should be Daily Bloodstone Ghostly Justiciar Killer due to a 10-15 minute respawn time. While fighting him, he's likely to launch you up into the air during the last 50% of his HP: use this opportunity to shoot him while coming back down and get Daily Bloodstone Aerial Skill User at the same time. As for the other 2 (which you may end up doing first if the Justiciar is dead when you arrive), travel from rift to rift to get Daily Bloodstone Rift Closer done. You might be able to get Daily Bloodstone Magic Gatherer while traveling from rift to rift, but it's not a big deal if you don't: just jump down from front deck of the air ship and follow the trail of orbs down. This should get you the achievement, even if you're starting from 0.

8) Ember Bay Dailies: You get three per day, one of them changes every day, but it always involves killing one of two champions. To get the Magic Gatherer daily, I recommend using the ley line to the west of Promontory Waypoint and turn around riding the one next to it to come back, then ride the ley line to the east of the waypoint to finish. I also recommend doing a heart near one of your two champions while you wait for it to spawn. That said, if you happen to luck into a champion, the two quickest hearts for the Rock Tour daily are "Assist the asuran researchers." and "Help the skritt encampment."
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