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Getting to know your clan website can be important.

These are you Basic Tools, they help you interact with the website via adjusting your profile and managing your private messages:

The small picture next to my name on the website is called the avatar.

My Avatar:

Next is my name on the website, when clicked it will bring me to my profile page.
Underneath my name is my rank in the guild, which, since I am a Website Admin, my rank is Website Admin.


When you are logged into our website you can join in and shout whatever you like. Keep in mind that people who visit our website can also see our shouts, so keep the shouts bad ass, no one wants to know when your bird has shat on you or you need to take a shit.

When adding a Thread

Should look something like this when you add a thread. The subject is the top box and the body of the thread is the big box in the middle.
If you care to attach a Poll (it's pretty self-explanatory) check the box near the bottom under the body of the thread.
If you want to attach a video or picture please read this thread.
To post your thread press the Post button.
To Preview how your thread will look press the Preview button.
If you want to cancel posting altogether press Cancel.

Who's Online Box

This box will show who's online in the clan.

Thank you for your time,
Requests for other tutorials (or to add to this one) are appreciated!
This sword has the ability to stab your Internet.
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