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This thread will be modified quite often to inform you about your leaders. Who we are and what we do for the guild is worth noting:


Real Life Name: Matt
About me: 22 years old, ex-pro gamer, going to college for Game Programming. I'm a huge fanboy of Guild Wars, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Warhammer related things.
My main role in the Guild: Your fearless leader. I run the day-to-day guild operations, recruit, and just about everything else that involves Insert Catchy Name Here. Most importantly, I'm here to provide everyone with a fun, stress free environment to hang out and play games with friends.
Main game I play: Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Guild Wars, Magicka, Minecraft, Battlefield 3, etc. I'm always down for anything.
Hobbies: I love the WoW card game (the raids are fun with a lot of friends), programming, recreational gaming, busting out the old school Nintendo occasionally, and Warhammer / Warhammer 40,000 table-top game.
Description of myself in 3 words: WILD CARD, BITCHES
How long I've been with ICNH: I founded both the original ICNH in Guild Wars (which was short lived) and then a few months later re-formed in World of Warcraft which has turned into the guild / clan / community we have today. There were also a CS 1.6 / Starcraft Brood War / Warcraft 3 clan before GW1 came out (not under the name of "Insert Catchy Name Here").


Real Life Name: Nicolas
About me: Born in 1992. Translation Student.
My main role in the Guild: Excluding website maintenance: recruitment, general help for GW2 and the rest of the guild.
Main games I play: JRPGs, Metroidvanias and MMOs
Hobbies: Reading, Gaming and Anime.
Description of myself in 3 words: Canadian Fudge Assassin
How long I've been with ICNH: Since September 10th 2012.

Apollostar IV
Real Life Name: Matt
About me: Currently 25 years old studying computer animation with specialization in Visual Effects. Been working my ass off in school so that one day I can start a career doing vfx for games, or creating any assets for games. Became Co-Leader of the Guild Wars 2 guild after spending so much time in it.
My main role in the Guild: Guild Wars 2 Co-Leader, do stuff on the site
Main game I play: Guild Wars2
Hobbies: VFX, Gaming, lifting.
Description of myself in 3 words: Just do it
How long I've been with ICNH: Since Summer 2010, I think


Real life name: Joe
About me: I like long moon light walks in the graveyard. Any ways I am married to my wonderful woman Ashley Vanfleet. Been together for almost four years this November and married almost a year.
My main role in the Guild: As a moderator I try to help keep the forums under wrap and I help out in any game I can.
Main Game I play: FFXIV MMOs, rpgs, Consoles gaming in general.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, Gaming.
Description of myself in 3 words:Gentleman Asshole Extraordinaire
How long I've been with ICNH: Been the Guild since July 29, 2012 this July will be my fourth year.


About me: I am a 19 year old Computer Science major, and I'm minoring in psychology.
My main role in the Guild: Like most of the other officers, I help recruit, organize, and inform guild members.
Main games I play: Guild Wars 2, Magic: The Gathering, and League of Legends
Hobbies: Games listed above, music, and whatever interesting things happen to be going on around my school campus
Description of myself in 3 words: Doesn't like arbitrary limitations
How long I've been with ICNH: Roundabout 3 months

Real Life Name: Liam
About me: I have been playing video games almost my entire life. I love RPG type games more than anything and have always been a fan of World of Warcraft. I also enjoy playing some games with a competitive edge to them as well as games that I can just play casually.
My main role in the Guild: As an officer I try to recruit new members as well as help out anyone with any questions.
Main games I play: World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, just about anything that catches my interest.
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, any type of hands on work with mechanics.
Description of myself in 3 words: Giant green pancakes.
How long I've been with ICNH: Just over three years.

Real Life Name: Ryan
About me: I'm a 2nd grade teacher, husband, and father. I heal in games that I play because I know that I'm needed (That, and I'm terrible at DPS)
My main role in the Guild: Officer, Raider, Healer, comic relief.
Main games I play: WoW, SWTOR, Lotro, GW2, Planetside 2
Hobbies:Coaching football, working on my car, other manly things
Description of myself in 3 words: Coffee Addict / Snob
How long I've been with ICNH: 2 years!

Real Life Name: Emily
About me: I'm an Aussie girl, nearing my 30s. I work in retail but currently studying an online course in business admin to try and escape it. I used to be a guild leader in WoW on an Oceanic server, which is where I met Daenous. I left WoW for GW2 a few months after WoD because most of my guild were finding it was getting boring, and garrisons started to feel like a chore.
My main role in the Guild: Usual officer things: recruiting, helping guildies out, leading missions and events, and spending way too much time in the guild hall.
Main games I play: GW2
Hobbies: Gaming, listening to music
Description of myself in 3 words: I love lamp
How long I've been with ICNH: almost a year

Thank you to all of you who contribute to our team. If any of your information is missing from your description, please PM me with it.
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