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For those who have not noticed, we do not have many Admins, Officers, or Moderators. I am posting this thread to give everyone a chance to contribute to our team if they feel they want to be a part of it.

First of all, I would like to make positions very clear to those who do not know about the positions. There are 2 main types of ranks, a website related rank and a game related rank.

Website Related:

  • Top Contributor
  • Moderator
  • Admin

Top Contributor: This rank requires nothing of the member except to be very active on the forums. Posting threads that get many replies and posting on many other threads as well will get you this title. (It basically means you post more than most people do, but when you post it still has to be relevant)
Max Absence without notification: 14 days - Moved to: Inactive

Moderator: This title requires the person to not only be active on the forums, but also moderate what people say. We don't want threads getting wildly off-topic or messy. This person has the power to make changes within the forums, so if this power is ever abused there will be no warnings. Depending on the severity of the abuse you may lose membership to ICNH or simply have your powers revoked with no chance of getting them in the future.
Max Absence without notification: 10 days - Moved to: Member

Admin: This person has control of the Site's everything. Not only can they moderate forums, but they can also post news and edit things on the front page. With this title comes more responsibility. You mustn't step on any toes when you are an admin, we have 1 front page. Make sure the person who used the news thread before you has had enough time to get their message out (1 week), and make sure that person knows you are going to post a new news thread. Any abuse of this position will have the harshest of punishments, depending on what you did I will either contact the shivtr servers or simply have your IP banned. I have confidence that this will not be an issue, though, because the people who have admin will be trusted veterans of the guild.
Max Absence without notification: 10 days - Moved to: Member

Game Related:

  • Member
  • Officer

Member: Nothing is required of the members, but to obey the few rules within our guild and don't start drama. Any conflict will be brought up to leaders immediately. Remember: have fun!
Max Absence without notification: 14 days - Moved to: Inactive until you reach 2 months (Then your account will be deleted)

Officer: These are the people in game that will be leading groups and will have answers to your questions! Know the officer in your group, because the leaders of the guild will not always have the answers to specific group questions. We are a do it yourself kind of group. All officers have volunteered to lead and recruit for their own activities within the guild. The leaders don't keep tabs on all details of the specific group activities - It is the job of each officer to keep the leaders in the loop. These people are also required to do recruiting when entering a zone. Officers are required to be in Teamspeak whenever they're online.
Max Absence without notification: 10 days - Moved to: Member

Getting into these positions

If you have a want or if you think you are qualified to fit in any of these positions, contact Hecilus or Apollo through the Private Messaging system on our site explaining why you are qualified or want to do this. We're not terribly picky, but when you send us a message about it, we want to see something convincing.

Name/In game name: [Name]

Which game are you applying to be an officer for? [Game]

How long have you been playing the game? [Duration]

Which group events are you confident in leading?

Dungeons (GW2 or WoW)
Raids (GW2 or WoW)
Guild Missions (GW2)
World Bosses (GW2)
General PvE (GW2 or WoW)
PvP (GW2 or WoW)
WvW (GW2)

Tell us why you would make a good officer or what you can contribute to the guild.

What not to write
Yo dawg I likez dem officer positionz.

Good example
Hello, I have some interest in leading a PvE group in [enter game name]. I have led a guild for 2 years before this, but stopped after I had a family issue. I'd like to just lead 1 group now because I think it's all I have time for. Here's how I plan on recruiting for this:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2

More About me: blah blah blah
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