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Many people may ask what the purpose of having a website is in our guild. It's very useful to everyone involved, but in order for it to be useful to you, you have to be involved.

The website is a place where everyone in the community can connect. It's somewhere where people can talk about new games, old games, games we play, and games we don't. It's important for the staff to stay connected to the members, but sometimes we have a hard time doing this in game because we are also playing a game. Being on the site helps with this, and puts it into a more manageable format where we can check at our leisure to answer questions, post updates, or just have a bit of fun. We want input from everyone, but it's hard to do when many people talk at once in either whisper or TS all the time.

Now that we have the "short description" of the website out of the way, I'll remind you of a few rules that I've had questions about this year (or maybe some that are forgotten). Our site staff know all this by heart, so feel free to ask them or myself if you have questions. The site staff include myself, admins, and moderators. Officers are not informed of website changes, updates, or how things work, but may help as well if none of the site staff are around.


We are hosted by Shivtr, and Shivtr gets paid by Google for ads. PLEASE censor yourself when mentioning genitals or other lewd phrases. It causes an issue with the Google bots and flags us as a dirty site (which is not in the Shivtr/Google agreement to my knowledge).

Also, do not advertise yourself. If you see a staff member posting their Twitch channel, it probably means they have special permission to do so. Don't assume you may do that as well. This is not your personal free advertising space.


The shoutbox is meant for short messages and unimportant announcements only. Links are not allowed (unless given special permission by myself) because they cause clutter amongst the comments. Links are often long and unsightly, so we tend to keep them to specialized threads. Site staff also use the shoutbox to announce accounts on the website that need to relog to confirm that they have actually logged in to the site once. This makes a difference when the staff clear out the roster of inactive people.


We have plenty of threads in the forums. Please check to make sure your post can't fit into another thread before making a new one. PLEASE do not make a thread to post a link. We have a links thread that you can do that in. When posting a link, please embed it into your sentence using the "link chain icon" after highlighting the word in the sentence. Do not post unsafe links or links that may conflict with the Google ads agreement with Shivtr.


Admins and myself keep the roster as current as we can. This means that unless you give an inactivity notice in our inactivity notice forum, your account may become inactive if you leave it too long. If staff members don't log in for 10 days without notice, they will be moved to "Member" rank. If members don't log in for 14 days without notice, they will be moved to "Inactive" rank. If someone remains inactive without notice for 2 months, their account will be removed from the roster. If you had a valid reason to be inactive without notice as a staff member (like a family death) you may contact me and I will return you to your position. The members will be returned from the inactive rank as they log in again automatically. If there are any problems with your account not entering the roster, please contact me and I will reinvite you on the website.


You will be treated as if you read the rules whether you did or not. "I didn't know" is not a valid excuse.

Graceful Departure

If you plan on departing from the guild for whatever reason (cat's on fire, maybe?), please remember that anything you post here will remain here. If you delete something, it will be restored. If you choose to cause a fuss, you will be put on the banned list. Be mindful of what you post, and please be kind to others who work hard on this website and the guild in general.

Feel free to post any questions below. This is mostly for newer members, but anyone can participate.
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