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Previously asked questions:

Q) Recruiting; Are we trying to keep a family atmosphere or are we after numbers? We have had massive numbers of late but they dont seem to be interacting with the community, do you feel this is a problem? If so how can we improve our systems?
A) We strive for the family atmosphere but require numbers for events like guild missions in Guild Wars 2.

Q) Guild Rules; Should we overhaul the system? To make sure everyone knows when the rules will be used.
A) The guild rules are universal throughout the guild. If you cause trouble anywhere, you can expect officers to intervene.

Q) Events; Use of in-game calendar? More member control in what events should be held?
A) Only Veteran Members or higher ranked members can host events because we can't regulate 200+ members per game who host events and then forget about them or fail to commit to them for whatever reason. Moreover, members are invited to tell the staff which events they would like to do so that they can host them. You can do this via guild meetings, website shoutbox or private message.

Q) Community structure; Do you feel the move to NW has caused a split in the community? If so do you have plans in the near future to rectify this?
A) This move did cause a certain level of segregation, but we concluded that this was not a problem. Besides, I can travel to any given channel and receive a warm greeting, so if you're feeling lonely, feel free to hop channels.

Q) PotM; Should we have a NW and Gw2 PotM? or stick to PotM as a whole? Or are we cutting it out all together?
A) Currently under review, will update once we've reached a conclusion. Current answer is: player of the month is based on website and ventrilo participation, therefore, it has nothing to do with any game. Also, we are not cutting it out.

Q) Age requirement; Do you think we should lower this requirement? We have had more younger people join us of late under 18, should we make it lower and stress the mature part?
A) Experience dictates that members under the age of 18 tend to be less mature. Moreover, if a mature person really wants to join, they won't let a silly age restriction over the Internet stop them.
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