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New members welcome!

If you want to introduce yourself go right ahead here. It should look something like this:

In Game Name:

What You would like to be called:

Games you play:

Friends you already know:


Favorite Game:


Where you heard about us [If you were recruited in-game, please list which game it was]:

Have you read our rules:

I am joining as a... (Member or Ally).. to ICNH:

Other Information about you:

Please note that being on Ts while online in Guild Wars 2 is a requirement. If you don't want to mingle just hang out in our guild channel or AFK, but you must be registered and logged on to vent if you're in the guild. Thank you.

If you don't feel comfortable with answering any questions just put N/A or simply don't answer :]
Also, We just got a Insert Catchy Name Here Steam Community going.
This sword has the ability to stab your Internet.
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