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The place to look at any current recruitment details and all raiding applications and their information.
Where you can find the logs from each night's raid.
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World of Warcraft

[Pinned] Raid Cancellation Notices

This thread will cover any times that the guild will not be raiding. This includes single days, entire raid weeks, holiday breaks, etc. Check this forum regularly to make sure that you're on when you need to be.Unless sated in this thread, raids a...
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World of Warcraft

[Pinned] Starting this week - Tuesdays will be a raid night

We are going to start selling Normal Emerald Nightmare starting tomorrow, October 18. The raid nights will be our normal time of 7pm CST to 10pm CST. We will need everyone available for this raid because it's not really a carry if we're pugging ...
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World of Warcraft

[Pinned] New policy on short-notice absences

Hey there everyone. In an effort to maintain consistency in the raid group and facilitating the most organized and consistent group possible, we've decided it was time to make a few changes to our absence policy.We feel like any important changes...
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World of Warcraft

[Pinned] Guild Initiative: Crafting Professions

Hey guys and gals. As we mentioned tonight, we are looking to start a guild initiative for a single guild crafter for each crafting profession that the gatherers can funnel materials to. In the past we've always prided ourselves with servicing o...
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World of Warcraft

[Pinned] Helpful Resources and Addons

The following list are addons and websites that will exponentially increase your performance in raids.Use these to get the most out of your class:Icy Veins will go over gear priorities, spec benefits, rotations, and much more.Ask Mr. Robot will he...
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[Pinned] WoW Screenshots
World of Warcraft

[Pinned] WoW Screenshots

Feel free to share your WoW screenshots here. Whether it's to show off your cool new armor, a raid boss take down or even funny moments: everything goes!
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World of Warcraft

Class/Spec Help!

I've found some places that can help with maxing out your toons. I will edit and add more If I find any new ones!Druid Veins has one for each class:https://www.icy-veins.c...
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World of Warcraft

This Wednesday...

Sorry it's late notice. My athletic director just informed me that I have to work concessions at a basketball game on Wed. I'll be a few minutes late to raid. The game ends 30minutes before raid, but I live 40 minutes away.
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World of Warcraft

Potential Lateness for Raid / Super Awesome Poll

Next Thursday the 10th and the following Thursday (17th) I have the potential to be late. The 10th, I'm taking my daughter to gymnastics. The 17th I have a dinner to attend. I should be on time for both, but lateness is a possibility.
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World of Warcraft

Legion Class Stat
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World of Warcraft

9/28 EN Raid Logs
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World of Warcraft

Xavius Down!

AWWWWWW YIS!Extended discussion for our first week going 7/7 will be here. Keep in mind we have a bit of work to do and plan on starting heroics on Week 3 at the latest! Congrats and thanks again!
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World of Warcraft

Summary for preparing for the Emerald Nightmare

This is the short version: is the long version:
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World of Warcraft

Legion Character Selection

Hey guys I already know there is a thread similar to this, I just wanted to make this post to get a final say on what people wanted to play for Legion. With our other post a lot of people gave multiple options for what they'd like to play which ma...
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World of Warcraft

Legion Artifact Weapon

Many of you (if you haven't done any research) will be a bit confused by the artifact leveling process. Yes you can level up your alt spec artifact weapons, but for RAIDING you'll really want to focus on one weapon.You'll be getting items from nea...
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World of Warcraft


Ok well it hasn't really returned yet, but they are on their way(Kil'jaeden has a small bladder, and they had to keep making pit-stops along the way). The 19th, aka TUESDAY, is the assumed launch date of the pre patch. The actual invasion events a...
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World of Warcraft

Legion Character Preference

Hey guys - with Legion (sort of) around the corner, we made this thread to gauge interest in classes people are going to want to play as their mains at the start of legion. What that means is that the character you vote for here will be who you s...
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World of Warcraft

The wait for Legion and our Raid Group

Hey there guys - quick poll time to see who wants to do what now that Legion's release date has been announced. Please vote using the options below and feel free to give a quick explanation if you want in the comments.Thanks.(P.S. Do not make you...
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World of Warcraft

ICNH WoW Raid Group - Plans until Legion

This is a recap of the talk we had tonight in Discord after our raid. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or remind me to add something if I forgot or left something out.Going forward until further notice or when a time comes that we have...
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World of Warcraft

ICNH Downs (H) Archimonde!

On Thursday, January 14th, ICNH defeated Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel (H)! Pictures to come soon!(As soon as anyone who took pictures uploads them ;)
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