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[Pinned] How to use this forum

This forum is where you'll post if you're missing any amount of raid time. Be it a day, an hour, a week, a month - whatever the case may be - let us know here.Just make a post in here telling us the time frame you will be gone with a proper date ...
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2/8 and maybe 2/9

Hey guys I won't be able to raid on 2/8 because it is my dad's birthday and possibly 2/9 but I think I can do 2/9. Just wanna give the heads up
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Will be late or not there at all for this raid night. Have to go pick up a tux, and I will then not be available much if at all for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Weddings, blegh.
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Currently have an event planned for this date. I will likely miss most of this raid night.
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week of the 19th

I'm not here for the week of the 19th, i might be but just in case I'm giving you the heads up
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Visiting the grandparents

I'll be leaving either the 30th or the 31st (depending on the weather) and will not be back until the 2nd.
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this thursday (12/22)

Hey guys I won't be able to come to raid because my Gf's family invited themselves over to my house for dinner. I'll get on whenever I can tho. I just found out that they did this. Sorry.
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12/22 - 1/3

I'll be out of town for Christmas, may be on brief from time to time on my bad laptop.
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Missing raid 12/14/16

I am having to switch my schedule for wednesday. So i will be working on that wednesday. which means i will not be able to raid that night
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Taking a break from wow

For the time being I won't be raiding, im taking an extended break and may come back to wow at some point in time but for now im done
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I'll be late! I will basically be getting punished. I have to go to a 2nd/3rd grade musical... not play. Not skit. MUSICAL... Keep me in your thoughts.... :(
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I'll be absent or late to that night's raid. Work Christmas party deal.
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This wednesday 11/16/16

LIAM I have to go to surgery in the morning at like 9. It shouldn;t be an all day thing but I just wanted to let you know just in case it is.
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11/16 - 11/17

I'll be out of town for work both days and will miss the raids.
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Missing Raids

From October 30-November 19, I have a training exercise I got told I'm attending last minute, so I will be (most likely) missing those 3 weeks of raiding.I will try and get on for them, but I'm doubting I'll be able to. Even if I'm home, I'll prob...
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Raiding 10-27-16

I can't make it Thursday night, I've got to make up my class from the week before. Wardsplox.
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October 25th Normal Run

May or may not be here for the normal run on Tuesday won't know till later. Will update when I know for certain
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WoW raiding 10/20/16

I can't make it on Thursday the 20th. I have a college class I can't miss that day. Wardsplox/Gabriel
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Nov 2

I'll be absent for Nov 2's raid. I'll be in somewhere in the air between home and D.C.
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10/19 Possibly Late

I should be on time but there is a chance Ill be late
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