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Matt / Nov 18, 2014
I'll try to keep this post as short and simple as possible.

Raid days & Times || Main Class / Spec
Warlords raiding prep is currently underway and we need everybody who plans on participating to post their main classes & specs as well as raid time / day availability. If you don't have a time preference, post anyway but say you don't have a preference.

We need help preparing for raiding and anybody who doesn't take the couple of seconds it takes to post is doing more harm than good. Links will be at the end of this news post.

We have a lot more level 100s in the guild. Myself and others have been helping people get to the 610 gear mark in order to run heroics but we need more people participating and running dungeons as a group - this not only helps members get geared, but it helps us gain money for the guild bank to keep repairs free for everyone!

Donations appreciated
Since Blizzard decided that Cash Flow should be removed, we no longer have steady flow of gold coming in to the guild bank for repairs. All donations are appreciated, but not required. Item donations will begin being accepted again once the bank is cleaned out from the previous expansion stuff.

Officers still needed
This is pretty self-explanatory. We need more officers to continue to help us grow and manage the guild.

Teamspeak, website & general activity
I want to see more activity from people. More people participating on the site, using Teamspeak to talk, and grouping together. Being in a guild means nothing if it's just a bunch of people wearing the same tag all doing different things. Start grouping up, start being social and start to get to know your fellow guild members. It not only helps the guild become closer-knit, but also nets you free gold & steam games via our player of the month program.

Expanding on the point about heroics, we already have a few people 630+ with the latest ring from the legendary questline ready for raids. We need to get everyone to this stage before raids start to have a good advantage and edge on the new content! Please continue to form guild heroic groups and get that quest line for the legendary completed!

That's all for now. Here are the links to the threads that all people interested in raiding need to post to:
Raid availability post
Main Class / Spec post

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