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Im Teh Pwnzor / Sep 22, 2016
I'm going to start this post by saying a thank you to each and every one of you who showed up on time ready to go for the first week of raid. We were able to do a full clear week 1 with time to spare! The discussion will take place here.

Congratulations and thanks go out to the following members:
Ceviche, Flight, Randeroo, Irjja, Shreka, Kaelamuna, Denso, Notprotspec, Sateileva, Kittyhope, Lightsup, Nuumo, Idiedystrday, Wardsplox, Gene, Dinzden, Pakoola, Tencent, Jaxerr, Kigz, Yoaked, Tanoy (Honorable mention to Beepo the disconnect king).

Next on the list, as we've mentioned over the last few nights, we've discussed and determined who our main crafters are going to be for the guild. The thread can be found here. We highly encourage you to read it and work as a guild to come up with the required materials for free gems, enchants and services for all raiders.

That's all for now. All questions can be posted as a comment below but let's direct all discussion and other screenshots etc. to the linked discussion thread for the kill.

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