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Matt / Nov 18, 2015 / WoW
Hey there everyone. Big news in this post and it's very important. First of all, since this is lining up with the announcement of our raid cancellations, I'd like to point everyone over to this thread to see our latest update on the raid schedule.

That being said, we are moving servers on World of Warcraft. Korgath has gone downhill way too much and it's now affecting our ability to raid and recruit effectively. We will be moving to Bleeding Hollow (Horde). This has been long deliberated and we are for certain moving here before December, which will line up with the guild's next raid night being December 2nd.

The following people need to reply to this post (not in game mail because I am transferring before everyone within the next week and mail does not come with):

Anyone who...
  • Doesn't want to transfer at all - and is done raiding with us
  • Is going to just raid with their current characters on Korgath and then use the 100 boost from Legion pre-order
  • Who can't transfer right away because of funds or other reasons
  • Still thinking about it

You guys need to let me know. You'll still be able to raid with us temporarily from Korgath but within a month after our transfer we'd like everyone who is coming with us to have moved.

Everyone else who is for sure coming with us right away or within a month or so need to make sure all their affairs are in order. Anything off of alts they intend to bring, all extra gold over 50k (maximum limit a single character can transfer) deposited to the guild bank (screenshot your deposit so we can give it back after the move) and anything else you need to have taken care of before moving.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the server move do not hesitate to ask as a reply here or privately.

The next item
We are going to be transitioning to a new website soon. We figure with the Guild Wars 2 guild coming back up, the WoW guild moving & Court no longer maintaining this one, a fresh start is in order. We're not sure what host we're going with (Guild launch? Guild portal?) but once we've made a decision I will make sure it's in the message of the day on both servers as well as in Teamspeak for all to see.

I will keep everything updated here up until we move the server & ultimately get the website. This site will remain up to refer people over to the new one, so don't worry.
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