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by Matt on Oct 18, 2014 at 10:19 AM
First off I want to thank everyone who's worked hard in getting the guild to the point where it's at in Archeage currently. We have a lot of extremely helpful people who put a lot of time and effort into improving the guild and making it a more enjoyable atmosphere for our members.

The officers and I had a lengthy discussion yesterday regarding our future plans for the guild. This post is important to ALL of the members in the guild and will contain links to several threads which we are going to want everyone to keep as up to date as possible. I'll break this up into 3 sections starting with "Members," "Officers" and "Auroria."

  • Continue to use Teamspeak whenever you're online.
  • Guild ranks will now reflect your activity within the guild (Site & TS included) and will be used to determine Player of the Month eligible members (explained later). Only members above the bottom rank will be allowed to participate in trade runs. [Making an introduction post and enabling your account on the site will automatically bump you up from the bottom rank]
  • Get used to using the calendar to sign up for all organized dungeons & trade runs.
  • - A sign-up on the calendar & you being in Teamspeak is required for all trade runs - no exceptions.
  • Player of the month is back in action!! Players can now earn 2 Apex/month by being an active community members! More details can be found by clicking the link.
  • We need more people learning how to be tanks and healers so we can get more organized dungeon runs done. I am already creating shields and swords for tanks so if anyone wants to learn how to tank or heal, please speak up so we can start getting you the gear required!
  • We have a few new threads that are important for all members to use.
  1. We have a thread where we'd like our members to list the plots of land (farms, houses) they own and where they are. Guild farms will be opened frequently for all members to use (these will be events on the calendar to indicate when the farms are open for every member to use)
  2. This section is where people who don't have land can request certain things they need planted or grown. When using this section, the person requesting certain things to be planted or grown needs to get in touch with someone willing to use their farms to grow the requested item(s). You must supply all seeds / baby animals / saplings.
  3. - Simply make a new thread with your request (following the guidelines in the locked, pinned thread) and we'll take care of it!
  4. The next thread is a list of all of our main crafters in the guild. Members are requested to post their updated skill proficiency levels at 10k intervals (10k, 20k, 30k etc.) so we can determine a main crafter for each profession to prepare for Auroria.
  5. Finally, this section will be where you go to request certain items made. Need some weapons or armor made? Post here and one of the guild's main crafters will be glad to make it for you! Please be prepared to supply materials (at the very minimum any archeum components (dust, shards, etc.) )
  • Let us know any way you can help us or we can help you! We're open to any ideas that will help make the guild more enjoyable for everyone!
  • Please start using guild farms! We pay taxes for property that is for guild use - if a guild farm is full, use the request forum and send in-game mail containing your seeds / saplings / etc to the person who will plant them for you.
  • Continue to be active on the site - we have several important & fun threads to participate in that encourage community involvement and a group effort towards our goals! We offer these for your benefit so please make use of it so we can move forward as a guild!

I'd like to start this section by thanking our existing officers and congratulating new ones!

Everyone please congratulate the following people on becoming officers! These are members who have gone above and beyond and have never been hesitant to help people out!
  • Desie
  • Drakzon
  • Edsun
  • Munkee

Most of the officer changes will be posted to the appropriate officer forums - including our new and updated chat macros for recruiting, site / teamspeak incentives for in-guild messaging, and more.

Auroria is coming soon and now more than ever it's important that we work as a guild. This means that we need to start worrying less about individual accomplishments and start moving towards guild efforts. We need to start getting people at 50k in their professions so that we can start to gather the materials to make a Castle later on.

We decided as leadership that we'll be going after a Castle in the second wave - not the first. We also need to be able to field at least 45 members for sieges - which means we need to start recruiting enough players to ensure we have that many online at once. We're only ~20 people off from achieving this goal. More details on Auroria will be posted in the appropriate sub forum as we hammer out details from the Alliance meeting tonight.

World of Warcraft
Continue to recruit and look for potential officers. The expansion is right around the corner so we need to make sure that we're keeping up with membership despite not raiding until WoD.

Guild Wars 2
No news at this time.

That's all for now, if you have any questions or comments please post in the comments section!

Thank you all for reading!
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